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Producers from the New England and Northwest regions
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Marketing Agent

Steve Daley

Steve Daley

Using a retained, licensed agent, marketing is planned with the producers’ interests as the main priority. Members receive advice on their cattle marketing, pricing options and assistance to manage the logistics of the sale.

Members are provided with the best and most efficient channel to market live cattle. The total volume of saleable stock (currently 20-30,000 head per annum), allows members to secure the best price in the market and access premium offers.

The marketing agent also provides AuctionsPlus™ assessments, a competitive stock buying service and ability to combine trucking lots with other members to cost effectively freight smaller lots to sale.


Steve Daley  joined Ebor Beef as the Marketing Agent in July 2023.

Steve comes from an agency background having 10 years’ experience in his previous role as a Stock and Station Agent / Auctioneer with  Colin Say & Co.  at Glen Innes.

Steve originally hails from Inverell and spent some of his earlier years in South Australian & Tasmanian agencies.  From there he broadened his horizons working in the Gulf of Carpentaria, Northern Queensland before heading overseas for 12 months.

Steve has joined the Ebor Beef fold as a fully qualified agency including full AuctionsPlus™ accreditation.  Through his last 5 years working in the New England region, Steve has gained great working relationships with buyers and processors and he looks forward to marketing the quality of livestock that comes out of the Ebor Beef Group.

Weekly Market Sheet

The Marketing Agent produces a market report on a weekly basis to keep members informed of market movements and industry information. The Market Sheet includes:

  • A Market Review, which is an overview of the East Coast market activities and  influences;
  • The current week’s Price Quotes and the previous week’s quotes for comparison (these are indicative prices only), Stock Listings and Additional Information such as Field Day details,
  • Industry Seminars and upcoming social events. Members are provided with social events to network with other producers and direct access to industry expertise.

Market Sheet Example

Cost of Sale

What is your current cost of sale? – The average Ebor Beef member pays as little as $6.00-8.00 per head, allowing them to retain more of their profits. This is due to our unique marketing fee structure as outlined below.

The Marketing Fee Structure for Ebor Beef Members

Fee Structure Charged on the number of head sold in a 12 month billing period.

1 – 100  head           |   $12.00 /head
101 – 500  head      |   $ 8.00 /head
501 – 1000  head     $ 6.00 /head
1001 +  head             $ 4.00 /head

Additional Fees

AuctionsPlus™ Assessment & Marketing Fee 2% of sale with
minimum fee of $500 per assessment visit
AuctionsPlus Listing Fees At member’s expense
Fee if not sold The minimum assessment fee still applies
Buying Fee Buying fee $5.00 /Head
Initial on property visit/inspection for all members Free
Subsequent visits may incur a call-out fee This fee will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

All fees & charges are GST exclusive

Please note:
1st March to 28th/29th February  |  Marketing Fee Billing Period
1st March to 28th/29th February  |  Membership Subscription Billing Period

All offers and acceptances of this Marketing Fee Structure are entirely at the discretion of the individual member and Daley Livestock Pty Ltd in accordance with the Ebor Beef Inc Regulations. Neither the member nor Daley Livestock Pty Ltd is obliged to adopt the Marketing Fee Structure.